Curly Musgrave
Singer, Songwriter and Poet
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Celebration of Curly's Life

Please enjoy some of the images from the Celebration of  Curly's  life and memory that was held on Saturday January 9, 2010 at Pomona First Baptist Church. Images are courtesy of noted Western Photographer Lori Faith Merritt.
It was a day of reflecting on the many valuable life lessons and character building experiences that Curly taught so many just in his day to day interactions. Curly's message was one of love and putting it out there for everyone to feel. From the things that were said by his family, friends, associates, clients and fellow was evident that he succeeded in spreading that message.
There will be a DVD very soon of the actual Celebration. Meanwhile enjoy the still images.
The Musgrave's wish to thank publicly all who participated in the Celebration and helped us celebrate this mans love, life, and music.  Kathi would like to recognize the following  friends and family who  either spoke, sang, recited or helped in putting it all together. 

Belinda Gail Frieborg                                         Dave Stamey
Diane Tribett                                                         Patty Clayton
Pamela Musgrave                                                 Andy Nelson
Steve and Vickie Rhodes                                   Jim Nelson
The Whitaker Family                                          Rusty Richards
Greg Long                                                                 Dave Bourne
Scott Deal and Associates                                  Patty Bourne
Sam Yadon                                                               Joyce Woodson
Pastor Mack Braden                                            Gary Robertson
Grant Musgrave                                                     Michael Fleming
Jim Musgrave Jr                                                    Lon Hannah
Jonathan Musgrave                                              Joe Hannah
Sarah Musgrave                                                     Jon Messenger
Bruce Crapuchettes PHD                                   Juni Fisher
Tim Neumann                                                         RW Hampton
Dea Early                                                                   Rich Callachi
Jim McElhannon                                                    Lloyd Laycock
                                                                                                                 A masterful DVD produced by Scott Deal of the Celebration of the Life of Jim "Curly" Musgrave that was held on January 9, 2010 at the First Baptist Church in Pomona California. Enjoy a sampling of the memories, lessons learned and experiences with this most amazing man. Followed by that is a musical tribute from many well known Western singers, songwriters and poets that have shared a stage or a special moment with Curly.
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